Working Principle

Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) is a humidity and temperature driven machine which creates water from air using a proprietary process. The machine’s optimum performance ideally requires a minimum humidity level of approx. 50% .

Even in conditions of lower humidity, the machine is capable of producing sufficient water. It also performs well in an air-conditioned environment, dually acting as an effective dehumidifier. In areas with high humidity it keeps the atmosphere healthy. Air O Water products utilize multiple filtration technologies to ensure the production of safe drinking water.
Atmospheric Water Generators
Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) are equipments, which retrieves water from the environment, purifies it and dispenses the purified water. A typical AWG unit carries out the following process:
Humid air enters the AWG system.
The air then passes through the condenser, which retrieves water from the warm air.
Collected water is purified through various purification processes.
Water enters the holding tank for the next stage of purification.
Water is ready for dispensing.
Airowater Process
Airowater uses a unique, reliable and adaptable technology to fulfill the demand for retrieving water from the atmosphere and purifying it. The technology achieved with maximized temperature, airflow, and surface area for optimum water production.
Once the air is filtered through a patented air filter process, a condensation unit receives the humid airflow from the evaporator. The condensation unit then condenses the water vapour into water. This process is known as Atmospheric Condensation.
Further, the water is cleaned using filtration through multiple technologies and treated with the Ozonation process to kill harmful bacteria and germs before being dispensed. Using this process, even volatile organic chemicals such as Ether are eliminated. Eliminating these chemicals is a complex process and is not possible with most of the earlier water-filters available in the market. This also helps in eliminating other dreaded water-borne diseases.
The final product produced by the Air-O-Water systems has a freshness that you would only expect from such a natural process.
Air Water Maker System
Airowater AWG Benefits
Using AWGs provides the following benefits:
Airowater provides an affordable, cost-effective solution of retrieving water from the environment and high-end purification.
Airowater units can be installed easily and quickly.
Airowater units are environment-friendly and safe for use.
Airowater units provide a reliable water storage and cooling system.
Water is ready for dispensing.