Indoor Unit

The Indoor Unit is ideal for small offices, houses, retail outlets, hospitals and clinics. The unit makes up to 20 liters per day in relative humidity of 50%. The unit is also equipped to use city water as the input source to deal with a sudden increase in demand. The superior filter system in this unit ensures that the dispensed water is filtered through a three stage filter i.e. carbon , sediment and ultra filter, thus removing all unwanted particles, odor and delivering pure water with less than 0.02 micron partial. With recent advanced technologies like ozonation, the water is treated with ozone to kill all the harmful bacteria and viruses to produce pure & safe drinking water.

Water Filtration system:Carbon, Sediment, Ultra Filter, Ozonation

Size: W 450 x L 450 x H 1250 mm.

Dispensing: Mechanical dispensing system

Water Flow from the collection tank: Sediment filter, Carbon filter 1, Reverse Osmosis, Carbon filter 2, then the 1st UV Light.

Noise: Less than 60 decibels

Facia: Plastic or metal options

Water Storage: 20 liters (10 liters – Purified water + 10 liters -Collected water)

Cooling: Cold water up to 6°C

Air Water Dispenser - Water Filter Home, Office

Table Top Unit

The Table Top unit is designed for the purpose of portability. It can dispense both hot and cold water. It is ideal for household and office environments.


Occupies less space (Size: 450x450x850)

Storage capacity of up to 12 liters (6 litres – Purified water + 6 litres – Collected water)

Water temperature control (Cold water of up to 6°C and Hot water of up to 99°C)

Water Filter System - Dispensing Hot and cold Water

Split Unit

The Split Unit is designed to save space and is ideal for air conditioned offices and retail outlets where space could be a constraint. This machine’s unique design results in more efficient performance as one part of the unit is installed outside in open air, giving it access to ample fresh air to make water, and the indoor unit dispenses drinking water, thus saving space and reducing noise. The Split unit uses a three stage filtration process and an ozonation process to produce pure drinking water.

High efficiency

Easy installation

Less Occupancy

Storage capacity of up to 22 liters (10 liters of purified water+10 liters of collected water+2 liters in split unit)

Air Water Dispenser

Triton Series

TRITON is a mass water generating solution that is environmentally safe and designed mainly for commercial and industrial applications. TRITON serves two purposes: making water & conditioning outside air simultaneously with a single source of energy. These factors make TRITON the most unique energy efficient water making air conditioner available anywhere in the world today. With around 75% of the world’s population living within 200 miles of the ocean, TRITON is an ideal solution for solving the world’s impending water crisis.

Air2Water TRITON units can generate approximately from 600 to 10,500 liters per day. Be it for humanitarian /disaster relief or supplying water to people or armed forces in remote, inhospitable terrains, TRITON mobile is the ideal solution. TRITON mobile is a self contained mobile water unit which can be mounted in vehicles and has it’s own diesel power supply for off grid deployment. Water is stored on-board a food-grade stainless steel tank and re-circulated to maintain freshness.

50 Hz Models 50 Ha Liters/Day

25c, 70% RH



Tons of refrigeratingModels
A2WT-50-50 with A/C 4,088 219X96X102 50
A2WT-75-50-A with A/C 6,132 249X96X102 75
*A2WT-HCUb 4020** 1,260 127X66X72 17
*A2WT-HCU6030** 1,957 173X96X72 25
Air Water Machine